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My Personal Views  (9th April,2011)

Anna Hazare's fast for Lokpal Bill


One has to start it all at some point in the time space. And Anna Hazare has taken the lead to do it. If India does not get rid of corruption and corrupts then the country's sovereignty itself shall be threatened. It's time for us to not only support ,whole heartedly, Anna's efforts for instituting Lokpal bill, it's time for India to take a pledge to eradicate corruption completely, in whatever form it is afflicting the social as well as the political life.

The pledge to remove corruption must not stop at lokpal bill , rather , as JP told, way back in 1974 at Patna, it's Total revolution , Sampoorna Kranti, that needs to be revived. We must find out the social roots of corruption and see to it that these are uprooted every where. This may call for changing even our perception of materialism. Today, money has become a tool for a social show off. Extravagant expenditure in parties has become the sign of prosperity, ignoring the fact that millions of our children sleep without proper food.

The politician-bureaucrat-corporate nexus is controlling the country. Privatisation , coming in of big players , Indian as well as MNCs, is trying to compete on the path smoothened by greasing the palms of those responsible for checking it. Huge and illegal money transactions have bewildered us. The very character is missing in the public life. The more you create anti corruption agencies the more corruption takes place. It's surpassing record after record , creating new records, to be further broken, in the series !!

We Indians need character. Think of Japan. A country devastated by tsunami and earthquakes is rebuilding itself by its own people. Corruption prevails there also but every japanese loves the country and is willing to die for it. Those repairing the nuclear reactors are working round the clock knowing that they can't escape radiation. This is ,simply put, the love for the country.

No doubt that the moment of truth has come now for the nation with Anna showing the path. But it's impact can be even bigger if each one of us takes a pledge that he or she won't allow corruption to exist anymore. It's time we woke up and saved the country from a certain disaster.

I'm afraid that I'm not all too happy and satisfied with what has happened in the last 3 days. No doubt that Anna Hazare deserves kudos for the attack that he has launched on corruption. He has become the focal point of hope for the millions of our countrymen. But a bigger question is still left unanswered. And this is the source of dissatisfaction for some of us. Let us have a look at the unanswered questions:

1) Will the Jan Lokpal bill or later a law solve the problem of corruption of a country which has ,covertly, accepted corruption as a way of life ? If yes then why the institution of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) could not succeed? How can one forget that the Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India himself has been under the scanner and the apex court has found his selection for the post illegal ?

2) The Jan Lokpal bill addresses itself only to the people who hold the public office. Do we realise that the biggest source of corruption in India, in the recent times, has been the greed of the upcoming private corporates? Is there a way to check the corruption unleashed by them in India ?

3) It's a HARD TRUTH that materialism and rising aspirations are the main driving force for corruption in any society, more so in developing countries like India. This tendency gives impetus to achieve the end without bothering for the means. For a country moving towards becoming the manufacturing hub of the world , thereby , inviting billions of dollars investments , checking the growing aspirations of the people will be a crime. So, how do you think Lokpal bill will be able to curb corruption which is flowing alongwith the horizontally growing aspirations of millions ?

There are many other points that limit the role and effectiveness of the Lokpal's institution as an effective means to check corruption in India.

What I look at as a powerful way of checking corruption in India is institutionalisation of spiritual values in all walks of our public and even private lives with stringent punishment for those proved corrupt. Let us not forget that involvement of money is not the only way of looking at corruption. What will you say to charging of high capitation fee by the educational mafias operating in many parts of the country specially in Pune and Bangalore? Is it not corruption ? What about the government doctors ever willing to treat the patients only in their private clinics and not in the government hospitals? Will the office of Lokpal be able to check the grafts taken by the policemen right in the police stations for freeing a criminal?  

My purpose of writing all these here and elsewhere is to request Anna Hazare saheb and all his close associates , Kiran Bedi , Kejriwal, swami Agnivesh, Baba Ramdev etc. is to not to stop here as the govt has accepted their demand for the Lokpal bill but to rise the crest of the present anti corruption wave in India and develop a system from the grassroots that makes the national fabric strong enough to quell the incident of corruption ,as and when it raises its ugly head.

Being a witness to and also a participant in the famous 1974 Bihar movement led by JP, I can only appeal to all the fellow countrymen to think in terms of bringing in Total revolution , Sampoorna Kranti, as propounded by JP for he saw clearly that no institution can succeed in



India if it was not fully backed up by a vibrant social system where public is more important than the public offices.
Anna Hazare saheb , this is the historical moment for you and India. It's a moment of truth for the country. The kind of support the young India has given to you is enough for you to launch a bigger and wider movement in the country against corruption. Just don't stop at Lokpal bill.







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