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My Personal Views  (5th Feb.,2011)


Is there no way to get rid of corruption in India ?

It's indeed amazing !! A country which often witnesses a strong chorus directed towards corruption shows no sign of getting rid of it !! I distinctly remember the great JP movement of 1974 ,in Bihar, that started off  primarily with anti corruption tirade as focus and soon spread far and wide in the country. That it was called the 'holy movement' launched by an old man was a testimony to the fact that the ordinary Indian wanted corruption to go out of the public life. The impact was enough to change the power at Delhi ,for the first time in independent India. Not only that , since then, at least the two most populous and politically sensitive states of India, UP and Bihar, have seen the power acquired mostly by those thrown up by the movement.

Why then still be Bofors, 2 G spectrums, Adarshas, Common Wealth Games and so many small and big scams littered all over the social spectrum in India? What drives corrupt tendencies in our society ? Well, as I see the reasons emerge from two main sources , one is the deep sense of insecurity about the future for most of the Indians, financially speaking and the other certainly is the incidences of glorification of neo-rich ! We forgot Mahatma Gandhi who said that end may be important but the means to achieve the end is more important. Yes, India has forgotten that earning money is important for survival and growth but the way it is to be done has also to be in line with the acceptable social norms.
But who listens and follows these sane words ? Mindless glorification of riches , materialism and vulgar show of money can be found everywhere , in the print media to the more dominant, electronic media. The slogan is, earn and earn money ,whatever way you can!

Is it not surprising that industries are coming up fast on corruption driven forces ? We have Real estate mafia, Education mafia , Health services mafia and what not. The ordinary citizen is dumb founded. He's not only clueless , he has no answers too!   

Where is India as a nation really heading to ?

We learn that the black money stashed away in foreign banks can finance India's 5 year plan, that it can feed the below poverty line Indians for 10 years ,that there would be no adverse effect even if no income tax is levied for 30 years ,that India would be able to pay off its entire debt , in one go , that India , even after paying off its debt will not need further loans for the next five years ,and the list of goodies goes on ......

The government statistics may show inclusive growth taking place in the society but unless the menace of corruption is reigned in the growth at best shall remain only an elusive dream for the common man. Not only that , the very dangerous portent that is already visible in the Indian society that is of large scale alienation of poor from the rich is a natural  fall out of  the consequences of corruption led acquiring of wealth by some , at the cost of others.
It does not require a sharp brain to conclude that if it goes on unabated the divide between the poor and the rich would only grow and the society may witness turmoil of the kind being currently witnessed in some Arabian countries , notable in Egypt.
India is already facing the naxalite menace , rising mainly due to the economic imbalance, the root of which is corruption. A large chunk of the money meant to be spent for developing backward regions are finding their ways into the unusually deep pockets of the bureaucrats and the politicians. 

One of the recent developments taking place in the country is rapid industrialization led by the private sector over which the government has no control in terms of checking corruption. All the vigilance, the CBI and other agencies are meant only for those working in the government directly or government owned enterprises. This has allowed the private sector to use all the means (read corrupt means) at its disposal for its much desired spreading of wings. In the days to come , if it is not checked, the gamut and frequency of corruption can go beyond our imagination.

What is required to be done and by whom ?

No one can believe that government is doing what is due to be done to eradicate corruption in India, for the simple reason that governments in India thrive on money strength only as the leaders' stature is constantly declining. This has become the most important determinant for your political existence. Obviously , black money comes into play in all sorts of elections ,be it even the ward level one.

What is needed in India too , like is done elsewhere, is to legislate stringent punishment for corruption. However, it is easy said than done in a country where barring a few all other honorable members have at least one criminal case pending against them.

Whether we accept it or not , the fact remains that India , at present and in the forseeable future lacks a national leader. The era of statesmanship seems to be completely eluding the nation and with it the likelihood of people listening to some one who really wants good of the society diminishes. Alas , there is no JP around who can lead the youngsters who have the desire to clean the mess.





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