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My Personal Views


Mahindra Logan suffering because of its poor dealers

One of the less hyped, yet a reasonably good car in the middle segment cars, Logan ,the Mahindra - Renault product in India, could not make it big in India. Reason ? poor customer handling by its dealers. Having said so, it would be naive to blame only the dealers. Mahindra itself has not shown much interest , of late, in this car ....may be because other vehicles like Bolero and Xylo of Mahindra are having it great in the car market of India atleast.

Yours truly purchased a Mahindra-Logan GLE 1.4 after a great deal of negotiation with a Ranchi based dealer Nexgen who in my well considered opinion are a bunch of amateurs trying to make a living out of selling cars. I understand that such an uncharitable remark about people doing business may not be appreciated but the experience of this deal has been even worse to say the least.

It all started with the sale agents ,Nexgen of Mahindra-Logan, promising things like free car accessories consisting of seat and steering covers, floor mats and a state of the art music system , buy back on my used car and registration of vehicle within a week of purchasing, that too with the number of my choice.  

While due to the recent recession resulting in the car makers also bringing down the prices appreciably , the extra and negotiated  benefits given by the Mahindra-Logan sellers became more appealing for going in for a sedan car with more inside space and the Renault engine. Of course, there are friends who advised not to go for an unproven car in the Indian market, leaving aside such legends as Maruti ,Cheverlet and Huyndai. 

So, they promised so many things but after five months ,none of  the promises the Mahindra - Logan dealers of Ranchi have fulfilled. Not only that , now they are openly blaming mahindra for not supporting them.

Yours truly is now running from pillar to post ,using all the resources at his command to ensure that Mahindra - Logan provide what they have promised. The last resort that's consumer court is always a way to be adopted. But I must warn you if you are thinking of purchasing a Mahindra - Logan car. Just beware of the dealers and also the company called Mahindra. They promise a lot but end up as big liers.   




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