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ABOUT ME.............

Telling about oneself is always a difficult proposition, both, for the fear of  jumping on certain subjective judgment of the self as also of undermining the true self under the garb of modesty.

It all began from one of world's well known historical cities , known as Patliputra in ancient times but  known as Patna today , the capital of the state of Bihar in India. Born , brought up, educated and geared up for a job and responsibility later and outside of it ........Patna has witnessed it all.

M.Sc. (Statistics)-Gold Medalist, M.B.A. , Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) and the Life time Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) are the major academic qualifications that yours truly has been able to muster till now but the life long pursuit obviously shall continue to be in the field of Management with emotional entanglement with Materials Management and Supply Chain Management. You can see a glimpse of my professional pursuit on this site 

It has been a great experience and a sense of fulfillment staying for such a long period in the cool climate of Ranchi, the proud capital of the newly created state of Jharkhand. This city has given a lot to me.
I wish I had the right motivation to repay some of its debt !! The salubrious atmosphere of Shyamali Colony and the cleanliness of Satellite colony where I live are now deeply entrenched in my psyche.

Expressing one's feelings, most of the time, calls for a great effort. Well, I think, most of us or may be the whole of the human kind has this one as one of the basic social urges.....that is...to be heard. Perhaps, this urge has been the driving force behind creation of this website. Of course as the days go by


this site would become a place for seeking information on many topics that may concern any reasonable person. You too are most welcome to give your suggestions using the "Contact" link on the left menu bar.

One of my suggestions to me would be to invite you too to contribute your articles on this site. You can email your article to me here and it will be published ,promptly, on this site under your name and address.

V K Mathur, DGM I/C (MM) , SAIL,RDCIS, Ranchi -834004


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