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My Personal Views..........


It's usually difficult to resist the temptation of expressing views on happenings taking place in the surroundings. While one's experience ,resulting from one's perception remains personal ,to a great extent and every soul may not hold the same perception yet one is quite right in expressing 'em.

Click the links below and check my views. These are , to repeat , my  " personal views' on issues, I've experienced and thus perceived in the back ground of my learning that goes by my life journey on this earth.
Home based , Online jobs can be money spinning formula for you
Mahindra Logan suffering because of its poor dealers
Is there no way out to get rid of corruption in India ?

Anna Hazare's fast for Lokpal Bill

What should be the Growth formula for an R&D Organisation, in India?
India won the world cup in 1983 and 2011. The coincidences are just too many








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